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Conversion Optimization

Maximize the ROI of your Web Site and Online Marketing Programs by Improving Your Conversion at Every Step

Topica’s solution provides you with state-of-the-art tools to maximize your conversion of site traffic and PBA programs into leads; of leads into customers; and of customers into repeat and more valuable customers.

Your Web site’s, shopping cart, registration process, email campaigns, landing pages and more can all be enhanced by our solution to provide a significantly higher return on your current online investments. Specifically, our solution can improve your conversion in the following areas:

Web Traffic to Leads
Topica boosts the conversion of paid search and natural traffic into marketable leads using customizable data capture forms you place on your Web site. These forms, be they for newsletter subscriptions, document downloads or other incentives, collect self-reported email addresses, demographics and interest-based data you can’t get from clicks to Google results, display ads, etc. Rather than expensive traffic bouncing immediately off your site, you now have the basis to build a lasting and relevant relationship by email.
Web Traffic to Online Sales or Registrations
Topica directly increases your conversion of Web traffic into online sales or successful registrations. Topica conversion tracking, installed on your Web site, improves your online sales or registration processes by solving abandonment and collecting detailed transactional information to support tightly targeted follow-up campaigns, helping you save lost sales and make more from successful ones.
Leads to Customers
Leads from any lead generation program go directly to your Topica database, triggering customized Topica autoresponders which act instantly to deliver promised materials, offers or incentives to leads in their most responsive state- right when they have opted in. Pre-scheduled, multi-message, targeted campaigns continue to work your leads and can do so with ever increasing relevance by responding to clickers, openers, completed online sales and more.
Current Customers to Better Customers
Topica gives you the data tools you need to convert current customers into repeat, happier customers that buy more. Topica audiences allow you to segment your customer (or lead) list so you can send campaigns which are tightly targeted to self-reported interests, demonstrated behaviors, or even known purchases, e.g. you can now offer women’s shoes to women; a detailed travel itinerary to user who clicked a link to a Nepal trek; a digital printer offer to a digital camera purchaser, and more. The right offer to the right person at the right time results in higher conversion.

Topica’s conversion tools can be quickly and easily integrated with your Web site and current online programs, in addition to facilitating whole new programs, all of which can offer near-instant improvements to your bottom line. Contact us to improve your online conversion today.

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