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Direct Marketer Solution

Use Topica to Get and Keep Getting Your Offers to the Inboxes of Those Most Likely to Respond

For direct marketers with very large audiences, success hinges on the quality of your lists and your ability to get targeted and relevant offers to them. Doing this while keeping compliant with the ever-changing and dizzying array of government and private standards now applying to commercial email can be challenging.

Successful direct marketers now know that simply blasting email is not a sustainable business model; that long-term success means building relationships, keeping your lists clean and sending valuable content to audiences that want it.

Topica’s solution, combined with our experienced Customer Success Managers, provides the platform, technology, and industry relations to get your email to its audience, improve your list quality, and successfully grow your direct marketing business. Here’s how we can help:

Data Integration and Cleaning
Topica’s solution includes robust data integration tools for importing and cleaning your current lists, as well as customizable data-capture forms for collecting new addresses from your Web site or affiliate programs to grow your database. Our API supports automated imports and exports of data to your home-grown, CRM or SFA database, including unsubscribes, bounces and disables.
Segmentation and Targeting
Topica’s simple rule-based system for building audiences allows you to segment your data on demographics or interests; demonstrated behaviors, including opens, clicks, Web page hits; or on transactional data like product purchased or total order value. Audiences can be used to test campaign creative, compare the quality of lead sources, identify your most-responsive names, and more. This gives you a data-driven basis for improving your lists and delivering content targeted to audiences with demonstrated interests and preferences.
Conversion Tracking
For direct marketers sending their own offers or who are able to modify the landing pages of their campaigns, Topica conversion tracking technology allows you to go beyond simple open and click reporting and measure the actual conversion of your campaigns. The completion of any process on a Web site – shopping carts, registrations, document downloads, and more, can be tracked and related to the campaign that initiated them.
Flexible Delivery Platforms and Dedicated IP
Depending on the size of your list and your performance requirements, Topica offers a variety of delivery platforms, either database or flat file based. We also offer dedicated IP addresses for customers needing maximum throughput or that wish to transfer existing white listing agreements.
Deliverability and Standards Compliance
Topica’s Privacy and Standards department maintains direct relationships with all major ISPs as well as tracking and analyzing federal and state legislative developments. This allows us to assess, monitor, and optimize your overall strategy, lists, and campaigns, ensuring standards compliance, maximum deliverability, and total campaign performance.

Case Studies

Topica’s solution is already helping successful direct marketers like you make the most of their lists. See our direct marketer case studies below, or contact us today to see how we can help you grow.

VentureDirect Worldwide employs Topica to help increase conversions by 30%

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