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Online Publisher Solution

Use Targeted Content and Lead Generation to Grow and Monetize your Online Community

Online publishers rely on continually driving interested traffic to their Web properties where they can grow and monetize those communities through ad views, registrations, subscription renewals, third party offers, and more. It is the long-term ability to keep these communities active, engaged, and regularly visiting these properties that will make the online publisher successful. For this, there is no better vehicle than email. Capturing emails from site traffic, growing your email lists, and regularly sending targeted and timely content are the key to successfully engaging online communities over time.

Topica’s Online Marketing and Sales Solution meets the needs of online publishers with data capture and integration capabilities, advanced email marketing tools and conversion tracking technology. Here's how these capabilities can help your online publishing business:

Turn Site Traffic into Marketable Email Addresses
Boost the return on your current investments in search engine optimization or paid search using Topica’s customizable data capture forms to capture email address, demographics and interests from the traffic to your site. This data is deposited directly into your hosted Topica database where it is ready for immediate follow-up with welcome messages, the most recent edition of your newsletter, current special offers and more.
Send Timely, Targeted, and Relevant Content
Use the data you gather about your community to segment your list so that you can deliver timely and relevant content to them. The more relevant and timely your content is, the more likely they are to open and respond to the email, visit your site, click ads, register, or renew their subscriptions.

As subscribers open and click your campaigns, you gather even more useful information about them, including demonstrated behaviors and interests you can use to further refine your campaigns. Topica autoresponders can be used to automatically respond to these actions, or to send timely reminders of renewal dates, seasonal events, birthday specials and more.
Measure Conversion
While page and ad views may be the sole goal of your email campaigns, most online publishers are also trying to drive site registrations, renew print subscriptions, or grow membership in their community or organization. These processes imply multi-step forms on their Web site, the successful completion of which represents actual conversion. Topica conversion tracking measures the step-by-step success of these Web-based processes, mapping those results to the email campaign which promoted them, giving you total insight into the effectiveness and actual ROI of your email campaigns.

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