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Internet Retailer Solution

Everything you Need to Optimize your Online Retail Sales and Grow your List of Leads

As an Internet retailer, your business depends on online marketing programs to drive targeted traffic to your Web site, and on efficiently converting that traffic into paying customers with whom you can build a lasting and relevant relationship. With online advertising prices rising, increasing competition in the marketplace, and ever more savvy shoppers, every visit to your site counts, and the success of converting those visitors to paying customers is crucial.

Topica’s Online Marketing and Sales Solution was designed with Internet retailers, like you, in mind. Our sophisticated application that combines data integration, conversion optimization, and email marketing tools gives you everything you need to drive and sustain sales growth. Here’s how our solution can help build your bottom line today:

Improve Conversion at Every Step
Use Topica’s conversion tracking technology to solve shopping cart drop-off with reactive “abandonment” campaigns; create targeted, post-sale, up-sell or cross-sell email campaigns; and measure the conversion and ROI of your outbound email marketing programs. Apply these techniques together and you now have an end-to-end “conversion engine.”
Integrate and Understand your Data
Topica’s hosted application (ASP) is built around a flexible database, one place where you can integrate, analyze and understand the data essential to your business. This may include prospect or customer data you already have, transactional data you collect from your shopping cart, or other behavioral data such as opens and clicks to your email campaigns.
Segment your Data and Optimize your Programs
Use the data and intelligence you’ve gathered to analyze the success of your programs, and then segment your data to create tightly targeted follow-up campaigns presenting relevant offers to customers or leads with demonstrated interests. This again makes your offers more attractive and boosts conversion success. You can also use your learnings to fix any revealed problems in your shopping cart, compare the success of your PBA programs, and more.

Case Studies

Topica’s solution is already helping Internet retailers like you get better returns from their current online programs, and develop new programs they didn’t think possible or affordable. See our Internet retailer case studies below, or contact us today to see how we can help your business grow.

XGaming builds relationships and increases customer lifetime value With Topica’s solution
eHobbies increases conversion using Topica’s Online Marketing and Sales Solution
HiWired Fuels Growth, Saves Time with Autoresponder Technology

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